Restoration Services

On behalf of Paul Martin of the Japanese Sword:

Polishing, Restoration and Shinsa Service in Japan.

Some of you may not know that we also provide a gateway to the above services in Japan. We have a wide range of fully trained traditional craftsmen on our books, from just graduated, to prize winners, right through to officially recognised Master Craftsmen (Mukansa) in all aspects of blade and koshirae restoration, as well as new commissions of blades, fittings and koshirae.

Prices may not be as high as you think, and our craftsmen only provide the most conservative restorations. We don't provide per cm/inch quotations as your blade may not require that level of work, so in order to get you the best estimate possible, we always try to show the craftsmen in hand.

Also, our craftsmen can do partial repairs, that is matching in a certain section of polish with the rest of the blade if you have an unfortunate scratch or unsightly bit of oxidising but the rest of the blade is fine.

Our admin fees for the service are the lowest in the market, but our craftsmen are of the highest caliber.

We do not focus all our work on a single craftsman. We try to match our customers needs with a suitable craftsman.

We look forward to restoring and submitting your Treasured swords, koshirae and fittings to shinsa for you in 2017. We can also submit your entries to either of the National Craftsmen's competitions here too (subject to group's regulations).

Just search around on the Japanese groups and forums for our reviews.

For more information contact Paul on:

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